The purpose of launching this new page is we are wiiling to help poor people who lacks of food, education or resicidence etc.

We wish that they will live better life. Only yakthai’s side this project will be so far from the goal so we would like to invite you to join us.

Make sure that every single of your donation is going reach them.

SAI JAI THAI Foundation
Their Majesties the King and the Queen once remarked that those who are discharging their duties to defend the country in poor and remote border areas, including civilians, policemen, and soldiers, have devoted their happiness and comfort to the ever-present danger posed by those who seek to destroy our national independence. They are sometimes killed or wounded and disabled. It is these fellows that city people are all indebted to and whose great sacrifice deserves a place in their hearts.

A nation is compared to a big family, in which countrymen should live in unity with one another and demonstrate mutual love and compassion. Thus, while our brethren are bravely discharging their duties, which cause them misery and suffering, should we not have sympathy for them and share their suffering by giving them some help?

Therefore, on the occasion of the Birthday Anniversary of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the then Princess Sirindhorn, on 2 April 1975, she responded to their Majesties the King and Queen remark by offering to help, with her personal funds, the civilians, policemen and soldiers wounded while fighting to protect the country. Her Majesty the Queen then graciously allowed this sum, together with her personal funds, to be used to set up the Sai Jai Thai Foundation. The Queen then invited all charitable people to follow in her footsteps with a view to uniting the whole nation in a concentrated effort to promote the peace and happiness of all the Thai people.

His Majesty the King graciously appointed H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon to be chairman of the Sai Jai Thai Foundation and has graciously accepted The Foundation under the royal patronage ever since.

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Pavena Foundation
Women and child abuse is a rooted problems in Thai society. The inferior would always be the victim for the superior. It is the duty of all of us to ‘keep our eyes open’ and help preventing any kind of discrimination, physical assault, any kind of abuse to the inferior namely ‘children and women’ whom we consider venerable in the Thai society.

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women” is non profit organization founded to help children and women whom is in need of help, leaded and founded by Mrs. Pavena Hongsakul, Bangkok Member of Parliament.

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The Better Thailand Foundation
The Better Thailand Foundation (“BTF”) is a non-profit making organization founded in May, 1997 with a key mission to organize charitable events and activities for the society aiming to encourage learning among youth especially those under-privileged children and support them to be ready for the knowledge-based society era.

The founder has a strong belief that it is essential to improve and properly lay the foundation of education for achieving the sustainable development.

BTF focuses to encourage educational development on the under-privileged youth, especially in up-country which is lacking of educational personnel, materials, or even clothes and food. This does not mean that the seemingly perfect urban areas will always have effective educational systems. There can be strengths and weaknesses in all areas.

The gap of modernization between urban and rural societies has inspired the BTF to search for possibilities to reduce the educational disparity in order to help create a more equal educational mechanism which would lead to a sustainable national development in the future.

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Father Ray Foundation
The Father Ray Foundation was founded in 2003 by Father Raymond Allen Brennan, C.Ss.R., a Catholic Priest of the Redemptorist Order in Thailand. It is a charitable organization set up to make a positive difference in the lives of underpriviledged children, young people with disabilities and the poor of Thailand.

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Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand
A growing human population has called for increasing economic and social development in Thailand, creating numerous environmental problems. With no ill intention, man has put the continued survival of wildlife underthreat. One of the animals which has been greatly effected by this threat is the elephant, not only the world’s largest land mammal but one which has played a large part in man’s history throughout Asia. A hundred years ago there were as many as 100,000 elephants in Thailand but a decline in population has taken place at a shocking rate, leaving only about 5,000 elephants whose futures are in doubt. Until now there has been no organisation devoted exclusively to helping elephants integrate into modern Thai life by promoting awareness and solicting assistance from people throughout the country.

From its founding in 1990 to the present, the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand has been compiling data on elephants in order to give direction to solving problems by creation the following projects : registering elephants in general database and creation an adopt-an-elephant programme. Through this programme, the Asian Elephant Foundation co-ordinates the health care of 145 elephants. Despite such efforts, however, there are thousands more elephants who aren’t receiving attention. Furthermore, the welfare from this fund only addresses the problems of health care. As for proper nutrition, accident prevention, employment (like humans, tame elephants need to be productively occupied for good mental health) and encroachment of habitat (in the case of wild elephants), such problems remain to be addressed.

The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand, therefore, will be working on many projects to help integrate elephants into modern Thai life, fulfilling the directives of the organisation, whether it is through supporting an elephant shelter, an elephant employment agency, a division for capturing will elephants in mating season (when they can be dangerous), a division for mobile veterinarians or more. In addition there is the continued administration of the foundation which the workers and funds. Indeed, Thai elephants will not be out of danger until people recognise the need to help them co-exist with humans. Therefore the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand would like to invite everyone to contribute to this work before elephants become extinct in Thailand. Anyone can help whether it is by informing us about elephants in trouble or by boycotting trades which endanger elephants. Contributions may be made in the form of money, equipment of time.

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