Muay Thai Boran Technique by Tony Jaa

Technique 1 : Chang Prasan Nga
Jump-ing to attack uses this trick, which is similar to the trick
In CHUEY KANG (Kao Koo) but changed to use the knee or the elbow
(Choose one of them) to attack the oppo-nent’s abdomen: This trick is used for attack defense or escape.

To protect: steps back and block the opponent’s abdomen, This trick is used for attack defense or escape
To protect: steps back and blocks the opponent’s elbow with the left arm then guards the opponent’s knee by raising the right arm.

To counter: strikes to the opponent’s knee or abdomen with the right foot to put off his balance then uses other tricks such as, hit by the straight punch or by the front elbow.

Technique 2 : Ma Deed Kaloak
Ma means a horse and Deed Ka-Loak is used to call the posture of a furious horse when they getting offense. This technique the figther will stand on his both hand, his body will be upside down then spring his feet hardly against their foe. Just like a horse!

Technique 3 : Hanuman Kham Longka
This movement is the master technique jumping over the feet and using The other technique to hurt the opponent.

The attacker walks in and throws the right foot to the defensive’s rib.

The defensive holds the left foot up jumping over the attacker’s kick at the level of the hanastring, then delivers the right knee to the abdomen or the chest while pounced the right shoulder of the attacker with both hands.
If the attacker kicks with the left do the opposite.

Technique 4 : Hanuman Thawai Waen
This movement used for defense the punch or the foot of the opponent. By usage at close quarters and threw up both of the fists to the tip of the chin.

The attacker walks in and throws the right punch to the defensive’s face.

The defensive sways the body to escape from the punch and suddenly steps by the right foot at close quarters, then turns to the left and throws up both of punches to the tip of chin. (This action called : MAD SOI DAO KOO, or the both uppercuts.
If the attacker throws the left punch. Do the same as above in opposite directions.

Technique 5 : Viroon Hok Glab
This master trick use to counter the kick by throwing the heel to the ham.

The attacker raises the left foot kick to the defensive’s rib.

The defensive is quick to throw the left foot to the left ham of the attacker, While holding on the both arms to guard the face. The kicking must do in rapidly and strongly to striked the attacker turned back and lost his balance.

Technique 6 : Archa Payong
Triple Attack. The defender steps inside the attacker’s punch and counter attacks with a dual fist to the chin and a knee to the body.

Technique 7 : Ramasoon Kwang Kwan
This movement is the skill of attack by jumping to grab the attackers Both hands and threw the elbow to the forehead. It’s the pair of KON MEKHALA LO KAEW. The one, who has, have thrown with the elbow, steped back while ducking body back and turned back to pounced the opponent’s elbow. If the trainees used in correct Movements, they’re beautiful actions.

The attacker walks in and holds on the high guards.

The defensive jumps up to grab the both immure wrists and throw the right elbow to the forehead immediately. Each movement must be done at the same time.
The jumping up must be trained to get very skillful, because it’s the basic of this movement. (The basic of this Kon Muay)

Technique 8 : Poong Hok
The boxer throws the left elbow while holding the lower part of the arm near the left ear to the opponent’s rib. Use this trick for attack or defense.

To protect: throws the left fist for wards, pulls down the right
Elbow to guard the right rib.

To counter strikes to the opponent’s abdomen.
If the boxer is a left handed fighter, reverse the description from
Right to left.


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